Monday, June 4, 2012

Kimi and Caitlyn jam session

About mid-way through the week, a few of us started asking the question, "Is there a law that every Bolivian male must learn the guitar?" Seriously. As we would pull out the guitar during our down time, it seemed every one of the Bolivian's could pick it up, play some great tunes, had wonderful voices, and just overall blessed us!

This is a great impromptu video that Nick picked up on his I-Phone. We were waiting at the hotel for the truck to arrive so we could head out to Consuelo. Kimi is a local missionary and lives in the SAM owned  missionary house in San Ignacio. He is married with 1 kid and another due in a few weeks. He picks up the guitar and jams out a beautiful sounding song while Caitlyn accompanies him by simply watching and picking up his tune by ear. Both of them are amazing and they blend beautifully. Enjoy this and praise God!

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