Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Sign of Things to be Destroyed

Many of the villagers had idols in their homes.  Upon visiting one of the villagers, she asked us to take a picture of her idol.  Pastor Alcides had given us specific instructions not to take pictures of the idols we saw, yet we took the picture. Not to disobey him but because she asked. 

Here is a representation of an idol that the Lord wants thrown down.  He wants these idols completely destroyed. Pastor Alcides, if you are reading this, forgive us for disobeying you.  Congregation, friends, family members, pray that idols such as this would be torn down and cast aside.  There were signs that the people were beginning to leave their idols in the two days that we were there, the 1st day we were there the community showed up late (for a culture where it is typical and expected to be 30 minutes late) to a meeting because they had to participate in rituals common to this time of year concerning their beliefs.  The night we showed the movie, the people finished with their rituals quickly and early so that they could come to our meeting.  That is a huge praise!!!!
These idols still have holds so strong on these people and the people are blind to their own sinful ways in some regards.  The Gospel is coming to them and they are having encounters with the Holy God whether they realize it or not.  Pray that these idols would be crushed.  The Lord does not want these lovely people of Consuelo to be consumed by their idols nor enslaved to them!!!  That is not his plan for life at all.  He wants these people to walk in freedom, true freedom; freedom that only comes from a relationship with his Son. The Father desires for all praise and glory to be sung to him not to anyone or anything else!

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