Saturday, May 19, 2012

It has begun!

This is it! We are on our way. En route. I'm typing this on the plane (although I'm posting it while sitting in the Miami airport). Some team members are talking... others are sleeping... still others are reading their Bibles or other good books. GO Bolivia 2012 is underway!

Check-in was smooth. No crowds. No lines. And already two cool blessings and answers to prayer.

1) We offered to carry down any supplies to SAM and they gave us 3 big duffel bags weighing 50 pounds each, with books, mail, literature and other supplies for the Bolivian missionaries. SAM was willing to pay the bag check fees. But 3 of our team members packed in a way that they fit all their belongings in a carry-on small suitcase. Since we get one free checked bag for international travel, we were able to check the SAM duffel bags for free and save SAM the bag fee expense. Praise God for that!

2) One of our team members was very uncomfortable going thru the body scanners in the airport. I think everyone has some level of discomfort with this procedure, but for some the discomfort is higher than others. So she chose to go to the farthest security entrance because she thought they did not gave body scanners there. As it turns out, they now have those dreaded body scanners. So she came back down to our security entrance, praying that the Lord would somehow provide a way for her to not have to go thru it. When she got to the security entrance that the rest of the team was checking into, she realized one of the lines had a broken body scanner and it was not being used. She jumped into that line and went thru the standard metal detector! She had missed the body scanner!! As she gathered her things and the team began walking toward the gate, she turned to look at the broken body scanner. At that precise moment... it had just been fixed and they were opening it up... Wow. Praise God. He cares for our concerns. We would praise Him regardless, but its awesome to see that He cares for the concerns of His beloved.

We covet your prayers, and appreciate your support!

- Grady

Psalm 89:1 - I will sing of the steadfast love of the Lord, forever; with my mouth will I make known your faithfulness to all generations.

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