Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Trip Overseas

We're here!! We're officially off the planes, on Bolivian soil, experiencing the sights, sounds, and lifestyle of a new culture, and preparing in just a few minutes to get oriented with our awesome SAM hosts.

In the meantime, though, our travels have not been totally without adventure! Two memories stand out: the first is our brief layover in Le Paz, a beautiful capitol surrounded by snow-capped maintains, but one that's 13,000 feet above sea level--a little too much of a jump for some of us Carolinian Southerners! Despite all the queasiness and light-headedness, though, we're praising Him for safety and marveling at the beauty of those mountain peaks.

Second, we had an ironic and team building exercise on our ride from the airport. As a friendly Bolivian driver tapped his horn beside us we realized that yes!--we had a flat tire. This was so ironic because before we left Charlotte we talked about our responses to situations, and we actually said, "When--not if--we get a flat tire, it's an opportunity for us to respond with a mindset of rejoicing." Nick, our professional auto mechanic, had us up and rolling in just a few minutes! :-)

And now we're enjoying a peaceful rest as we prepare for what's ahead. I am truly excited about this opportunity to serve in Bolivia!--the ways God will continue to work, the relationships which will continue to grow, and the incredible opportunity to be involved in serving Him--truly excited to see what's in store!!


  1. WOW!!! I am so excited for you all!!!!!!!! I love that you immediately had the opportunity to respond with rejoicing to a situation we specifically envisioned as a possibility. God is amazing like that, and I would have LOVED to see your response of thanksgiving! I'm praying for you all and will see you soon!

  2. So glad to hear you have landed safely! The boys prayed for the team this morning :)
    Micah's prayer at lunchtime: " Dear Jesus, I pray that mommy and daddy tell the boys and girls about Jesus in Bolivia. and Jesus, I pray it is sunny in Bolivia."
    How sweet! I know the Lord has a wonderful week in store for you!

    -Heather Armstrong