Thursday, May 24, 2012

Memorable Moments

There are so many things that I wish I could tell you about our trip so far. We don’t have much time and the internet is hard to come by, so I have decided to share with you the most memorable and significant events this far…

1.     The first morning here in San Ignacio we were all getting informed as to what we were going to be doing the next few days. We were educated on the proper way to squat while holding a tree just in case we had to use the restroom and the appropriate way to bury our “treasure”. The pastor here was sure to model this technique for us as well.

2.    Yesterday as we were in the woods working hard, we noticed large hunks of mud that had a greenish color to them. A few minutes later you hear, “MOOOOO!” Yup, you guessed it, those HUGE hunks of “MUD” were not mud at all. As we looked around we could only laugh at all the footprints in the poop! Needless to say, many of us will be throwing away our shoes when we get back!

3.    In order to get to the village each day, we have been packed in the back of a truck for an hour or so drive. These trips have been a great time to talk with teammates, and sing praises to God. Yesterday’s trip was a little bit different. As we all climbed into the back of the truck we were greeted by an unexpected guest. There was a LIVE deer in the bed of the truck. Luckily this little animal was NOT our lunch later that day! A few of us were a little worried!

4.    Another very memorable moment from this trip also has to do with the truck we have been using for transportation. This is no regular pick-up truck. It is fairly high up and can be quite challenging getting in and out of each day. Well the challenge was a bit too tough for Sarah Peeler. As she was climbing into the bed of the truck she felt a little breeze down low. She didn’t really take notice at first until one of the team members pointed out there was a large hole in her jeans. The hole was not in the best place. It has been hot here, but most have been able to handle the heat in better ways than slitting our pants for a cool breeze!

          We have had so much fun this trip. From benches falling backwards, while people are on them, taking care of business in the outhouse then burning it, snakes and other crazy bugs, to exercise Sally coming to visit (video to come!) we truly have been having a wonderful time.  

Please continue to pray for us! We will continue to update as much as possible!
-Kelly Moldenhauer


  1. Kelly-thanks for the colorful up-date :)
    We are praying for you all.
    Lots of love and hugs to the team.

    Melonine Turbeville

  2. I KNEW this had to be Kelly updating! Only you, my friend, would explain how they demonstrated the squatting for you! :-) Praying for all of you and missing you! Pico was here today and so super sad that we couldn't hang out together! Love you!

  3. Have a little class, Sarah...I mean, really!? :-)