Thursday, May 24, 2012

Mid Week Update

Hello everyone! Praise the Lord for all He has done on our trip so far. The stories are endless. We had thought we would have internet access in San Ignacio but we don't. So this is the only update i can give until we return to Santa Cruz on Saturday morning.

But in short, everyone is healthy and doing great. The trip is going wonderfully. We've spent time ministering to people plus done some heavy labor to help a rural community. Its been amazing and God is awesome. Please keep praying. We love and appreciate our supporters and can't wait to tell you all that has happened.

Praise God!!

Grady Peeler


  1. So glad to get this update! We prayed for your eleven hour bus ride...hope it was completely uneventful!!! ;-)
    Monkey Joes was a blast yesterday with the Peeler kids. They are doing great and having so much fun. Tomorrow we are heading to the park and swimming with them.
    Miss you guys!! Praying all over you! Love you!

    1. We so appreciate your help and the help of everyone with our kids. Thank you so much!!